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  1. Provide a clear Call to Action to generate leads
  2. Provide a visual experience that helps the visitors see what you do

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  • You are a local business that adds value to the surrounding community
  • You are good at what you do
  • You provide the highest quality services in your industry

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The home page is a good place to give your customers the information that they need to take action. You will want to add a strong call to action, and maybe draw attention to a few of your services. You could even add a less compelling call to action to another page on your website that may help those still deciding to come to a conclusion. You could build trust by letting them read about your company, or give them a better understanding of your services.

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A website should have a specific goal. Most likely it will be to increase leads, conversions, or revenue for your company. You will want to follow online marketing best practices to get visitors to take action and become customers.

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