Left Aligned

Web designers generally have nothing to do with creating content for their projects. Even so, the look of a site can be incomplete if no words are included. Web designers need to find ways to incorporate copyright-free content into their designs to provide clients with a look that is as finished as possible.

Creating a prototype website that also contains copy and images is the only way to help the client understand what the concept behind your design is. Without these elements, the finished product can look quite odd, and the client won’t be able to mentally project his own content uploaded on the site.

Not all people can afford to pay for content immediately after creating their website, so that’s not a condition you can demand from your clients. Instead, you can use a dummy text generator. These generators will give you bits of text that are supposed to fill the blank spaces on the website that you are designing.

Using these text generators is very convenient, as you can set exactly how many paragraphs you need to fit your mock-up. These tools come in handy for any web designer out there. Keep reading more about this topic in this article created by our team at Amelia and learn about dummy text generators and where to find the best ones.


Dummy text refers to the bits of content that are used to fill a website mock-up. This text helps web designers better envision how the website will look as a finished product. It is important to understand that dummy text has no meaning whatsoever. Its sole purpose is to fill out blank spaces with “word-like” content, without making any copyright infringements.

Dummy text is also known as filler text or placeholder text, and it has been used for a long time in the various fields of online publishing.

Right Align

Now you know what dummy text is, let’s learn about its usefulness. Some people say that they don’t need to use a dummy text generator to deliver a web design project to the customer. Even though this might be true, the effect that the final project will produce on the client won’t be as satisfactory as in the case of one with included filler content.

A dummy text generator gives web designers the content they need. Then, they can use the typefaces and layout they prefer, thus obtaining the best mock-up of their work. It would be best to be impossible to understand and read because people might get distracted by the text itself and its nonsense rather than analyzing how the typefaces integrate into the design instead.

Dummy text shouldn’t make any logical sense, to keep people from focusing on it instead of the visual impact it has. Using filler text is all about facilitating the visual impression of a final piece of web design.

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