The individual service pages should have content that will help your business with SEO. For TheeDesign, we would want to call attention to the fact that we provide quality online marketing services in Raleigh, North Carolina.

Generally you will want to have two paragraphs: go into detail explaining the service that you offer and focusing on why you are equipped to be the best at that service in your industry. Do you offer the best guarantee? Do you provide the best customer service? Capitalize on your strengths to help sell your business to the visitors that come to your website. Give them a reason to want to contact you for service.

Having an image depicting your service is a best practice. A picture is worth a thousand words. Adding alt text to your image is a must to help search engines determine what that image is. For example, while “pictures-on-a-wall” is a descriptive explanation of the image on this page,


a better alt text for the image is “chiropractic-patient-testimonial-wall” because it accurately describes in detailed words what the image is depicting. A good question to ask yourself when adding alt text to an image is “If someone with a visual impairment were visiting my website with a braille screen reader, would they be able to tell what the picture is about by the alt text that I added?”

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